Sales & Marketing Services

We deliver brands and brand-building solutions!

We're growing. And, our customers are growing. Custan Foods has become Canada's leading Dutch specialty food importer and distributor and representing over 100 brands from over a dozen countries around the world, by being committed to the success of our customers.

We help you stay top-of-mind with grocers, retailers and resellers through our professional team of sales experts and our marketing support services. Our sales support includes sales calls and store visits by Custan Foods' own representatives, ensuring regular stock rotation and quality control. Our marketing support and expertise includes a range of direct marketing, advertising, point of sale, test marketing, product sampling, online contests, sales representation tools, and so much more.

If your brand could use professional representation in Canada, contact us today. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Our History

In 1995, Gerry Visser of Ancaster, Ontario, Canada used his two decades of experience in food importing and distribution and his passion for cultivating lasting relationships to build Custan Foods Inc. He understands the needs of today's international and domestic food processors, manufacturers and suppliers. Today, Gerry and the team at Custan Foods source the best brands, products and quality manufacturers from around the world, and make them available to grocers, retailers and resellers across Canada.

Distribution Centre & Warehouse

Our distribution centre is conveniently located in Hamilton, Ontario, with quick access to major ports and highways. The warehouse includes multi-level temperature control storage:

Ambient Cool (15-18 C)
Refrigerated (4 C)
Frozen (-20 C)


Our customer's primary market coverage is the province of Ontario including the regions from Ottawa to Windsor. We're growing both east and west, and would like to hear from potential partners that can help us grow. If you have expertise in the food distribution market, we're always looking for the best talent, please send us your resume or contact us.

Our products are available at fine food retailers throughout Canada.

If you're a consumer and you'd like to see an international brand available at your local grocer, retailer or reseller, please let us know. If you are interested in purchasing products you've found on our website, click here to find a retail store in your area.

We care

Custan Foods is a responsible corporate and community partner, and we are proud of the work we do.