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[Apple Cake Mix - 400g x 8 Picture # 1]

Apple Cake Mix - 400g x 8
Would you like to write a family or friends also sometimes surprise you with a delicious apple cake from our own oven? Then choose the convenience of Koopmans apple pie. Thanks to this mix for Apple Pie bake your easy and fast the only real Dutch Apple Pie. This delicious apple pie is actually suitable for any time of the day. A nice piece of Apple Pie with a hefty puff of whipped cream with coffee, to a tasty dessert with hot Dutch Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream. With a good piece of Dutch Apple Pie from our own oven to make every moment of the day special!


ID#: 4015
Unit MSRP: Cdn $4.79
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Unit Weight: 400g
Units per Case: 8

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